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We will take you from Kladno and its surroundings anywhere in the Czech Republic and the EU

Taxi Taxi Kladno, operates a taxi service for Kladno and its surroundings. We are transporting people. We offer a modern way of transporting people, drink taxi (taxi pick-up), taxi courier, airport taxi. Fast, safe and reliable transport. We'll always take you in a cab taxi, at good prices. Guarantee and transparency of bargain prices. We will safely transport you from Kladno to the airport, from Kladno to Prague or anywhere in the Czech Republic and the EU. Order Taxi Kladno and drive from 10, - to 20 CZK / km.

We offer all kinds of taxi service, passenger transport and luggage, drink & drive. Unlike the competition, what will you do with Taxi Kladno? In clean, good-looking, properly insured cars with professional drivers who own a taxi license. With the possibility of paying for a taxi service by credit card. See what you can travel with Taxi Kladno - Photogallery.

We appreciate all our clients, do not be afraid to recommend us to your friends.

Cashless payments for Taxi, accept credit cards MasterCard and VISA.

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Professional taxi service Taxi Kladno, offers its clients for long journeys, refreshment (water) FREE. We realize that traveling in this hot weather is not pleasant, even if we have a taxi equipped with air conditioning. It is important to have regular fluid intake, so we decided to make traveling with us a little easier, with a little refreshment....

Taxi service Taxi Kladno has prepared for you a summer action offer - Summer with taxi Kladno. Drive with us from 7.6.2017 to 31.8.2017 at promotional prices! Drive a professional taxi service that chooses drivers. Drivers with a valid license and practice in the industry! You do not have to worry about traveling on the road. These prices are...

In the catalog of active companies Živé, we are preferentially displayed and recommended by catalog. Regarding the evaluation of Taxi Transport Kladno, five stars out of five possible. Best rating for taxi services in Kladno and its surroundings! Drive a certified taxi service to Kladno and its surroundings - Taxi Transport Kladno.

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The price you pay is always the length of the trip.


Objednávky po telefonu nebo emailu

20,- CZK


Transportation in and out of town (up to 100km)

20,- CZK/km


5,- CZK/min

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