Contractual shipping conditions

Taxi Transport Kladno  

Rights and obligations of the customer

The customer is obliged to follow these SPPs during transport. The customer is obliged to be fastened to the safety belt throughout the journey.
The customer has the right to be safely transported with his luggage to the agreed place. The customer has the right to terminate the carriage at any time during the journey.
The customer is also entitled to request the issue of a proof of payment.
The customer is not entitled to:
To issue instructions to the driver who would be guilty of committing a traffic offense or other offense.
To open the vehicle door while driving, damaging the vehicle in any way
To throw objects out of the vehicle or to let them out of the vehicle, leaning out of the vehicle
Smoking in the vehicle or using narcotic or psychotropic substances
Behave loudly, use loud audio-visual techniques, or bother with other behaviors
Make it impossible or difficult for the driver to have a safe view or control or otherwise interfere with driving
Pollute or damage the vehicle or other passengers by their clothing or actions
To consume food and beverages in the car
5. If the customer is injured or contaminated by the vehicle, he / she undertakes to pay the full amount of damage to the driver. When the vehicle is polluted, the amount corresponding to the cleaning costs, ie CZK 3,000 - up to CZK 5,000, is calculated as the damage caused by the pollution.
6. The delivery of a car within Kladno and outside Kladno (if the customer goes back to Kladno) is free of charge. Delivery of the car outside Kladno (if the customer goes back to Kladno) is 20, -Kč / km.
7. Telephone or other orders are binding. Phone calls (orders) are recorded. The arrival time of the taxi car is only indicative. If the customer does not want to wait longer for a car or the situation changes, he or she is obliged to cancel the order without delay, if the order is still valid. The order can be canceled until the taxi car arrives at the destination ..
At the moment the taxi car arrives at the destination, the customer is obliged to pay the car, the city (Kladno) 80, -CZK, outside the city 20, -CZK / km.
For failure to comply with the SPP, the driver may pay a fine of 500, - CZK and end the ride.
When you arrive in a taxi, the customer agrees with the CSC!

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